Past Projects

This is the time of year that I start doing projects around my house.
I paint.
I create art for my walls.
I do home improvement projects that we've never gotten around to.
I get very busy.

So, I will be sharing some of my previous projects.
Let's start, shall we?

Last fall I took the kiddo to get a new backpack for school. We went to Target. I gotta admit, I kinda sorta dropped the ball on getting a backpack before the aisle was completely picked over. In other words, there was nothing. I felt like I failed her. But wait, is that what I think it is? One lonely pink backpack at the end of the row, surrounded by boy backpacks! We must go rescue it and take it home! Crisis averted....or so I think.

At the checkout, the cashier noticed a giant slash down the front that we must have missed. It looked like it lost a fight with a box cutter. Poor pink backpack. So what option do I have now? Buy an ugly, plain, gray backpack for my 4th grade girl. Devastation at its finest.

So here it is....such a sad backpack

I put my needle and thread to work, and did my best to spruce her up!

That's more like it! Mommy failure averted!

Much Love~

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