So my laptop is on the fritz....permanently. I went out of town last weekend with my mom and sis for a girls weekend and when I came back the laptop was D.E.A.D.  I'm so frustrated. Everything is on that computer. My parents can pull all the files off, no problem. But I'm losing all my software, photo editing programs, everything. Not sure what I'm going to do. Nothing right now, I'm going out of town again this week. In the meantime, I suppose I won't be blogging much. With all my trips this month and now this, I haven't had time for anything.

I'm writing this post from my desktop. Unfortunately, it is older than my laptop and doesn't have the capability to do much past internet and word processing. So forgive me for not blogging lately. Don't leave me friends. I will get this all sorted out, eventually.

In other news, I'm guest judging on The CSI Project this week. I'm pretty excited about it! Her theme this week is refashions and you all know how I love a good refashion!

Visit thecsiproject.com

Anywho, until I get my computer situation figured out, I'll see ya later!

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  1. Good luck! My laptop crashed a while back. I lost a ton of stuff too, it was heartbreaking!


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